Let’s Talk About : Membership

So let’s say you’re scrolling along through our website when you find a product you just absolutely love. And that’s when it hits you.

“Hey, Restaurant Equipment Club! I’d like a quote for the best price you can offer on an item but I’m not a member? What can I do?”

We’re so glad you asked!

We at Restaurant Equipment Club can always quote you the member pricing with no obligation to sign up. And you’re certainly welcome to pay the non-member pricing and spend more money out of your pocket, but…why would you want to?

The easiest solution?

Become a member!

A membership with Restaurant Equipment Club entitles you to the lowest pricing we can offer on any given product. With most (but not all) products, this may include free shipping as well. But just in case you’re not entirely sold yet, let us answer a few questions you  might have.


What is the membership?


The membership is simply creating an account with our website.

What does it cost?


Nothing! Zip, zero nada, zilch! It’s free to sign up, and we never sell your information. It literally costs you nothing.

Do I need to be a member to purchase?


Absolutely not! You can purchase as a non-member, and you’re more than welcome to give us more money than you have to to spare yourself from a few extra mouse clicks. We’ll never turn down you giving us some of your extra hard-earned bucks! But really? That’s just silly. You should probably just sign up and pay as little as possible.

Is there a minimum number of orders annually or minimum order amount per week/month to stay a member?


No way!* Order once in lifetime or once a week. There’s no purchase quota to meet, and your membership status is not contingent on how much you buy.

(*Well, mostly no way. There’s a minimum order price of $65 to purchase online, but that goes for members or non-members. We apologize that you can’t buy one single chafing dish, and we wish were as cool as Amazon.com, but we’re a restaurant supply club sadly. I know. It bums us out too. ) 

Why do some products have the same price for members and non-members?


Certain items that we offer are already at their deepest possible discounts, which is why you’ll find their member and non-member pricing is the same.

Will my item ship faster if I’m a member?


Sadly, no. Shipping is something we have very little control over.

With the membership, will my kitchen equipment prepare and cook the food for me while I stand back and watch?

It sure won’t! You’ll still have to do that yourself. But don’t you worry. We’ve got our crack team of scientists getting right on it!