Top 5 Reach-In Refrigerators

Let’s take a look at our Top 5 models of Reach-In Refrigerators!

5) Atosa Refrigerator Reach-in 2-section (MBF8507)


We round out our list with this 2-section, self-contained refrigerator that features 46 cu. ft., 33° to 45°F temperature range, stainless steel interior & exterior, galvanized steel back,(2) locking hinged self-closing doors, and (6) adjustable shelves. Added features also include ventilated refrigeration, interior lighting, automatic evaporation, digital temperature control, air defrost,  and bottom mounted refrigeration.


4) Migali Refrigerator Reach-In (C-1R)


A super cost-effective unit, this Migali 1-section reach-in refrigerator has 23 cu ft., stainless steel exterior and interior, recessed door handle, 3 shelves, a top-mount compressor and digital controls.


3) Turbo Air Super Deluxe Refrigerator Reach-in 2-section (TSR-49SD)


This Super Deluxe Refrigerator features 49 cu. ft. in a beautiful stainless steel unit. With 304 series stainless steel exterior & interior, hinged solid doors w/recessed handles, (6) adjustable stainless steel wire shelves, it’s a sight to be seen. An exterior LED digital thermometer, 4″ casters, bottom mount compressor, and an ENERGY STAR rating land this model in its proper place on our top 5.


2) TRUE Refrigerator Reach-in 2-section (T-49)


There’s a reason TRUE is on here twice and it’s because it offers superior value. The T-49 is the 2-door sister model to the #1 unit on this list, T-23-HC. This refrigerator features (2) 300 series stainless steel hinged doors with locks, as well as a stainless steel front and interior floor. It also features  (6) shelves, aluminum ends exterior, dial thermometer, and 4″ castors. Plus, it’s ENERGY STAR approved!


1) TRUE Refrigerator Reach-in 1-section (T-23-HC)


And here it is! Our top selling 1-section refrigerator is by far the T-23-HC. This unit is a one section reach-in refrigerator with stainless steel front, doors, and floors. It also features aluminum sides, clear coated aluminum interior, (3) adjustable PVC-coated wire shelves, interior lighting, and 4″ castors. The -HC stands for the hydrocarbon refrigerant which is environmentally friendly! As always, it’s made in the USA.

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