What to Eat On Super Bowl Sunday (If You’re Playing In the Super Bowl)

What do most of us have in common with NFL players? On Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll both be eating way more than 2,000 calories.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, nutritionist Susan M. Kleiner spoke about what it takes to fuel a pro football player. In terms of calories, it’s not too different from what it takes to fuel a Super Bowl partygoer.

“My overall experience has been that a quarterback needs a minimum of 4,000 calories a day and up to 6,000 calories a day,” said Kleiner, who’s also the nutritional consultant for the Seattle Seahawks. It’s kind of reassuring to know that on the day of the big game, we’re all eating like Peyton Manning, right?

Well, not exactly. See, it may be easy enough to catch Manning and Papa John on a commercial set together, but you’re far less likely to find Manning indulging on pizza during the season.


“The typical day starts with as much breakfast as we can get in, consisting typically of some kind of hearty whole-grain cereal, eggs, maybe a whole-grain toast, flax seeds, whole fruit,” says Kleiner, seemingly in an attempt to make us feel bad about ourselves as we eat seven-layer dip off of a chicken wing. “On many teams they’re getting lots of sautéed vegetables with omelets or eggs in the morning.” Far less fun.

According to Kleiner, players are conditioned to eat six times a day. We only eat once a day, but that’s only because we don’t stop eating in a given day.

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