Top 5 Hotplates

Choosing the right hotplate is all about little details. If you’re not careful, you could end up with something that’s almost great, but will create annoying inconveniences down the line. So let’s turn up the heat and look at our Top 5 Hot Plates!


5) Grindmaster-Cecilware Pro (HPCP212)

Our number five pick is a stainless steel unit that’s small but fierce, coming in hot with two individually controlled 44,000 BTU burners. And, with its included natural/LP conversion kit, getting this little firecracker up and running is a painless process.


4) Wolf Achiever (AHP848)

This model’s called the Achiever for good reason–when you’ve got a 240,000 BTU total output spread over eight burners, there’s very little you can’t get done. It’s also got some great optional features, including a condiment rail, that’ll really tie the room together.


3) Turbo Air Radiance (TAHP-12-2)

Each of the Radiance’s burners boasts an impressive 32,000 BTU output, which makes it great for a wide range of cooking applications. It’s also fairly customizable–in addition to four available sizes, the Radiance also has the option of replacing its included 2″ stainless steel legs with 4″ ones. That, plus the unit’s 4″ front top ledge, make it adaptable to a number of kitchen configurations.


2) Globe Chefmate (C12HT)

The Chefmate just gets edged out of the #1 spot, but make no mistake: this is a great piece of equipment. It’s available as a 12″ two-burner unit and a 24″ four-burner unit, and both sizes feature cast iron grates and an extended cool-to-touch front edge. If you want a compact hotplate that can compete with the big boys, the Chefmate by Globe is a great option.


1) Southbend HDO-24

It’s no wonder this Southbend model is our top pick. This unit’s stainless steel front, removable grates, and full-size crumb tray make it easy to maintain. If you ask us, the 24″ model strikes a perfect balance of size and power. But if you need something that’s a bit bigger (or smaller), it’s available in widths ranging from 12″ to 48″, and most sizes are also available in step-up configuration. All of this, plus its impressive 33,000 BTU output makes the HDO-24 a kitchen essential!

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