Ask REC: Commercial Ranges At Home

“Do you folks honor warranties if a commercial range is installed in a home?”

Unfortunately, we do not. Isn’t that awful news? Hear us out, though!

As you know from shopping around for commercial ranges, the BTU output is extremely high. People gotta eat, and ranges gotta be strong enough to cook for all those people.

Way fewer people gotta eat in residential homes than in restaurants, and city planners understood this, so most residences aren’t outfitted to supply as much gas as you’d need to power your commercial range. Unfortunately, this also means that the gas fittings for residential pipes are unlikely to line up with those on your shiny new range.

In other words: if you try to hook up a commercial range in your home, there’s a solid chance you’ll be leaking gas all over the place. And like the popular saying tells us: “It’s less than ideal to have a house full of combustible gas. Get that gas out of your house and into some pipes or hoses.” What, you don’t know that saying? Maybe it’s a regional thing.


Pictured: the danger of doing literally anything in a house full of gas

Anyway, in case you’re still not deterred, consider the fact that running a commercial range in a residential home is probably illegal. The reason it’s illegal? Well, when a house explodes, it tends to have a negative impact on the broader community.

If you’re still tempted to go through with this plan, here’s our final plea: you’d be using your equipment against the manufacturer’s intended use, and that voids the warranty. Just in case you’re the kind of person who’s willing to risk their life, but not willing to void a warranty.

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