Top 5 Six-Burner Ranges

BEHOLD: the mighty range. Fire. Heat. Cowboys make their home on them. True, those are a different kind of range, but a kitchen range is arguably as much of a home to a chef as a deer-and-antelope range is to a cattle-driver. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you choose the right one. Happy chef = happy staff = happy dinners = happy you. Here are the Top 5 six-burner ranges the chefs we’ve helped seem to enjoy.


5.) Southbend S60DD-2RR

We’re coming out swinging with our #5 pick. This Southbend range is a workhorse with an raised griddle/broiler and two convection ovens with three racks each, which makes it suited to a variety of applications.


4.) 36-BPY-6B-S30 – Bakers Pride

This is a great unit for a smaller space with a focus on range cooking. Its stainless steel front, landing ledge, and 10″ back shelf make organizing and cleaning easy–an essential for any kitchen, but especially a small one.


3.) C36S-6B – Wolf

If you like the Bakers Pride but need a little more power, the Challenger XL™ from Wolf is a great option. Its burners have a 30,000 BTU output–and, in the spirit of easy maintenance, lift-off burner heads. This range’s adjustable legs and option for casters make it a great unit for a new restaurant that might need to reconfigure in the not-so-distant future.


2.) EV36-S-6FP-208 – Vulcan

 When Bob Dylan went electric, it was considered a radical move, and it paid off handsomely. Same principle here. This unit’s hot plates have a 2.0 kW output (which is an above-average output), and its standard oversized oven means getting a lot done at once.


1.) S60CC-2G – Southbend

You might remember this guy’s cousin from our #5 entry. Why did we put this range with fewer features above the more elaborate version? Well, for starters, what it lacks in broilers, it makes up for in a griddle that’s twice as wide as the one on the S60DD-2RR, which suits a lot of menus. It’s also got cabinet bases for a more ergonomic workspace.

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