Ask REC: Nu-Vu Oven Proofer Bulbs


“I have installed many of the Nu-Vu Oven Proofers in Subway restaurants and I am finding that the bulbs are burning out quickly. Any thoughts?”

Well, first of all, we hope that you’re affiliated with restaurants. We can’t condone you breaking into Subway restaurants and installing Nu-Vu Oven Proofers and monitoring their bulbs without permission from the proprietor.

We’re going to move forward as though you’re not a weird reverse-criminal, and tell you that the problem might be easier to solve than you’d think. We hate to even ask, because it’s such a simple fix, but…Have you checked the wattage on the bulb?

Those oven proofers use 40-watt bulbs. If you’re using a higher wattage bulb, that could be the issue. Additionally, Nu Vu specifies that the bulbs should be brass base appliance bulbs. None of that Easy-Bake Oven stuff.

If our conversational tone makes you skeptical of our expertise (and who could blame you), you can call Nu-Vu directly to hear it from Mr. Nu-Vu himself.† Their number is (800) 338-9886, and you can press (1) to be transferred to their technical service department.

mr nu-vu quote.png

†Mr. Nu-Vu would be the founder of Nu-Vu, if not for the fact that I just made him up.

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