Direct Draw Beer Dispensers & Finding Your Keg Footprint

If you’ve talked to anyone on the REC team for a few minutes, you know we’ve got strong feelings about True Refrigeration. True coolers, freezers, bottle coolers, and so on and so on and so on, are built to outperform and outlast all other commercial refrigerators. And while they’re probably best known for their reach-in coolers and freezers, True Refrigeration also has a strong beer dispenser game.

In True’s direct draw beer dispensers, the kegs are kept right beneath the tap in a refrigerated cabinet. The entire dispensing process is centralized to one location, which means faster pours, fewer technical hiccups, and total portability. If you’re working in concessions or an outdoor bar setting, direct draw beer dispensers are so, so choice.

People tend to associate direct draws with patio bars in people’s back yards, and so they tend to get dismissed as a commercial option, but in fact direct draw beer dispensers are available in a variety of sizes that suit many commercial applications.

Finding Your Keg Footprint

What’s a keg footprint? Oh, we’re so glad you asked. The footprint of a keg is the amount of space it occupies when compared to the available storage space of the refrigerated cabinet. Basically, it’s a fancy term for “how much of the cabinet one keg takes up.”

Knowing the keg footprint is important when determining what size direct draw beer dispenser to get for your business. For instance, if you sell a lot of beer during a short period of time, you’re best off with a beer dispenser that has a low keg footprint–in other words, one that holds a lot of kegs. This way, when the rush hits, you don’t have to worry about running to get more beer in the thick of things.

Pictured: the True TDD-3CT-S Draft Beer Cooler, AKA a really good idea

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