The Cutest Pokémon Foods We’ve Ever Seen

With the Pokémon Go craze sweeping the nation, everyone’s gone a bit mad for the adorable, albeit virtual, little guys. But we’re not complaining! Here we’ve compiled our favorite Pokemon-inspired food creations. Pika-chew your way through our favorites on this list. (I know, I know… bad pun.)


Nawaporn Pax Piewpun (Cute Foodies) is a Thailand-based doctor and food artist who practices Onigiri; the Japanese art of creating darling edible creatures out of colored rice and seaweed.


Imgur user MaxMoschen created this fantastic Magikarp cake for his birthday, and it looks so good!


These pastel candies by DeviantArt user Mikkino are simply charming. They’re created out of white chocolate with a peanut butter filling and we imagine they taste as good as they look!


We’re super impressed with these Eevee cookies that Tumblr user Valerie Draws whipped up from scratch! Click the link for directions on how you can make your own.
In 2014, a Tokyo, Japan pop-up restaurant called The Pikachu Cafe served up this Pikachu burger that’s almost too adorable to eat! (…almost.)


Sure, the Pikachu and Clefairy macarons are lovely, but can we just talk about the Togopi’s for a second? SO CUTE.

Have a favorite Pokémon food? Share it with us below!

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