5 Unique Hot Dogs That Look Almost Too Good To Be True


Hey, Happy National Hot Dog Day!

What does that mean, you ask? Well honestly, we don’t quite know either but we’re pretty sure it has to do with the smell of baseball and backyard cook-outs. Or maybe New York City street carts. Or summer camp. Or that time you thought it would be ok to microwave a hot dog in your dorm room at 3 AM only you put it in for too long and it exploded and woke up your roommate….

You know, all normal hot dog related things.

We here at REC don’t necessarily like “normal”. So today, in the spirit of individuality, we present to you five unique hot dog recipes that look good enough that we almost can’t believe they’re real. But we’re so, so glad they are.


First up on our list is this tasty looking Chicken Salad Hot Dog from Dogs ‘n Frys. It’s an unlikely pair, but one we’re dying to try it!


Is there anything that bacon can’t make better? We don’t think so, and neither does Nagi of Recipe Tins Eats who created this recipe for Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs with a Melted Cheese Sauce.


These Buffalo Blue Cheese hot dogs from Yummly user Kristina look perfect for a summer cookout!


This anomaly of gastronomy is the  Atlanta Brave’s “Everything Dog“. It features a foot-long hot dog layered with fries, chili, nacho chips, beer cheese, jalapenos and is topped off with popcorn and a Coca-Cola infused BBQ sauce. And in case that doesn’t entice you enough, it’s finished off on a pretzel roll for good measure!


We finish off our list today with an actual corn dog! This Mexican Hot Dog by Heartbeet Kitchen has our taste buds watering with its use of avocado and red onion.

Have a hot dog you think we should know about? Send us a link below!

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