Manufacturer’s Spotlight : Henkelman Vacuum Systems

Henkelman Vacuum Systems recently stopped by the REC office to give us a demonstrations on just how their vacuum sealers work, and to show us how versatile these machines can be.


About Henkelman

Henkelman Inc. is fully owned and operated by Henkelman BV, a Dutch company that specializes in the development, production and distribution of state-of-the-art vacuum packaging machines.  From the smallest table-top vacuum packer up to the largest heavy duty vacuum double chambers. Henkelman offers the most complete range of professional vacuum packers.


Why is vacuum sealing important?

Vacuum sealing not only extends the shelf life of food products but allows for consistency in the kitchen. With a Henkelman Vacuum Sealer, the consumer can drastically reduce the amount of daily prep by working with pre-prepared vacuum sealed portions throughout the week. Vacuum sealing keeps products fresh and seals in aromas, so your signature sauce will taste great every single time you make it.

Vacuum sealing also allows for standardized portion control and optimizes storage space in the kitchen. No more cambros full of marinating chicken taking up space in your refrigerator. With a Henkelman Vacuum Sealer, you can marinate right in the package and storing the bags takes up half the room.


Why Henkelman?

Thanks to Henkelman’s singular product focus and it’s high production volumes, they are able to offer the highest quality equipment at an attractive price point. With that quality comes the assurance that every vacuum cycle you run with a Henkelman machine gives you 100% reliability. Along with it’s user-friendly design and the highest hygiene standards (ETL Certified), these vacuum sealers give the consumer optimum control over the packaging process. All Henkelman machines also come with a 3 year parts warranty.


Perfect for Sous-Vide

Sous-vide, or low temperature cooking, is a cooking technique that uses sealed food in hot water to thoroughly and evenly cook meats and proteins, most commonly salmon and steak. With a Henkelman Vacuum Sealer, the 99.8% vacuum and double seal bars on most models ensure that the product is sealed correctly every time and that your sous-vide turns out tres maginifique!


Click here to see our selection of Henkelman Vacuum Sealers


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