Kick Your Water Up a Notch: The Sparkling & Infused Water Trend

It was but a mere two years ago that the entire nation was discussing the New York Soda Ban. The health effects of drinking sugary soft drinks were suddenly shoved into the spotlight. The public consciousness of the country turned away from the Big Gulp and soda sales began to plummet. And when Americans were finally ready to set down the soda can and back away, there was LaCroix, ready and waiting with open arms.


You’ve probably heard of LaCroix before. Midwestern housewives have been obsessed with the drink for nearly 30 years.  It’s just that now you’re as likely to see the pastel neon cans in the hand of a health-conscious millennial as you are in the cup holder of a minivan.

The benefits of drinking sparkling water are wide reaching. In fact, it’s hard for us to find a downside.

Zero Calories
Whereas the average can of soda boasts 150 calories, LaCroix and other sparkling waters often have zero or low calorie counts. No more worrying about ruining your meal with empty calories.

No Sugar, Fake or Otherwise
Not only are there zero grams of sugar in sparkling water, but there’s also no artificial sweeteners or any dreaded aspartame. Just fruit extracts which give a natural sweetness.

So Many Flavors to Choose From
LaCroix likes to get creative with their flavorings, even offering up drink recipes using their little cans of goodness. Feeling indecisive? With 20+ flavors, who is to say you can’t have a different taste for every meal!

No Caffeine
You can drink sparkling water any time of day and not have to worry about the caffeine side effects, because it simply doesn’t have any! Have one before bed if you like, or serve it to a toddler. You’re safe either way.

Fizzy Lil’ Bubbles
If all the above health positives didn’t make you love sparkling water enough, just think of it as an alternative to energy drinks and soda. The little tingle on the tongue is close enough for most people to easily make the switch.



But companies like LaCroix aren’t the only teams leading the new water craze. A quick search of Pinterest or Instagram reveals a new hot trend on the scene– infused waters.

While many fitness gurus claim infusing water with certain fruits and vegetables will have a detoxing effect, the fact of the matter is that infused water just tastes better than water straight from the tap.

But how do you get the most out of infusing your water? Monica Reinagel, The Nutrition Diva of Quick and Dirty Tips writes,

“Chopping the fruit into smaller pieces would enhance the transfer of compounds into the water, as would longer soaking times. On the other hand, some of these compounds will break down quickly once exposed to light and/or air. I think you’d get a lot more nutritional benefit by eating the fruit than by drinking water that the fruit soaks in.”

Companies now offer special gadgets to help you infuse your water as well, such as water bottles and pitchers with built-in chambers to hold the fruit while defusing. This keeps little fruit bits from mixing with the water and gives a cleaner pour for those who don’t like pulp.

Whether you prefer infused or sparkling, the fact remains that these fun new ways to stay hydrated are here to stay.

How do you like your water? Let us know in the comments below!

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