Deskipes : Frozen Monkey Bites

It’s been hot lately. VERY hot. Melt your face off hot, even. So we here in the REC offices decided to cool off with a  (slightly) healthier version of a frozen Snickers® bar. They’re almost too easy to make, so there’s no excuse to not try these at home!




medium sized bowl
baking sheet
parchment or wax paper
small plate


2 bananas
caramel syrup
2 large chocolate bars
1 cup of dry roasted peanuts


Slice your bananas into half-inch thick slices. Place your banana slices evenly spaced out on the baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

Gently place a dab of caramel syrup on the top of each banana slice.
(If you’d like to make the next step easier, you can freeze the bananas for a couple minutes here to make them easier to cover in chocolate in the next step. However, this is not necessary.)

Break up your chocolate bars into your medium sized bowl and microwave for 20-30 seconds. Keep an eye on the chocolate as you microwave it. We want it to melt, but we don’t want to boil or burn it.

Using a spoon, gently coat each banana slice in a thin layer of chocolate. Try to make sure all side are covered to give yourself the best-looking bites.Using the side of your knife, crush

Pour the peanuts onto the small plate and using the side of your knife, crush them until the desired small pieces are achieved. Quickly sprinkle the peanuts on the top of the chocolate to decorate.

Freeze for an hour or more before serving.


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