Manufacturer’s Spotlight : Alto-Shaam

About Alto-Shaam?

Alto-Shaam came into being during the 1950’s when entrepreneur Jerry Maahs needed a better way to deliver his Chicken Delight hot chicken to his customers during the cold Wisconsin winters. Jerry experimented with thermal heat coils around insulated containers and invented his Halo Heat technology, which debuted at the 1968 National Restaurant Association show. During the 1980’s Alto-Shaam introduced the Combitherm as one of the first manufacturers of combi ovens in the U.S. The rest, they say, is history!


What is Halo Heat® Technology?

The real key to quality holding is to preserve as much natural product moisture as possible with no fan or harsh heating elements. That’s exactly what the gentle holding capability of Halo Heat® is designed to accomplish.

Halo Heat keeps hot food at safe, even temperatures while retaining the maximum amount of product moisture, the natural moisture found in most of the foods you need to hold prior to service.

  1. No Added Humidity – No one likes the taste of bland food. That’s why Alto-Shaam uses gentle radiant heat to keep food hot instead of adding water vapor which can “wash out” flavor.
  2. A variety of heated holding solutions – Alto-Shaam comes in all shapes and sizes to accommodate any holding need you may have.
  3. Precise Heat Management –  Steam and other hard heating methods result in dynamic temperature and humidity swings. Halo Heat heats food gently and consistently, from top to bottom, for hours at a time.


Why Alto-Shaam

Alto-Shaam has pioneered the solutions that are essential to profitable foodservice and retail operations for nearly 60 years. They pride themselves on their rich history of cooking firsts. With an insatiable appetite for quality, Alto-Shaam raises the standards of excellence for their employees, products, and customers. And with a trusted team of experts, they equip and support their customers across the globe.




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