5 Quick and Easy Tips for an Eco-Friendly Restaurant


Ditch the Styrofoam

It may seem obvious, but the easiest step to turning your restaurant green is to eliminate as  much excess waste as possible. And where does most of that waste come from, you ask? You got it, the infamous doggie bag. Instead of plastic or aluminum, opt for biodegradable options such as cardboard or paper containers. Some retailers even offer biodegradable plastics as well which are great options for utensils.


Nothing Beats Homegrown

If your situation allows for it, try growing your own herbs and spices right in your restaurant. If you have the room, why not try growing some fruits and veggies as well or sourcing from local farmers. Not only does this add superb freshness to any dish, but your supply is as close as the pot you grew it in!


Hit the Lights

Have you ever thought about how much electricity is wasted by constantly having all the lights on? Try switching out old lights in a restroom for a motion-detected option which only turns on when someone is occupying it. Replacing old bulbs with more energy efficient LED bulbs can help reduce energy waste too.


Throw in the Towel

Forget paper napkins. Try using reusable cloth napkins as opposed to their disposable cousins. Cut your own napkins out of fabric with interesting patterns and give your restaurant a fun flair!


Dump the Bottle

If you offer soft drinks, steer away from serving them in their plastic bottles. If you can, invest in a soda dispensing machine. Are you a bar that serves beer? Choose to go with a tap system instead and try to avoid cans and bottles.

Have tips for making your restaurant more eco-friendly? Share with us in the comments below!

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