Make Your Own Pitaya Bowls

There’s a new cute fruit in town. Say hello to pitaya!

You might already be familiar with this adorable edible, commonly known as a dragon fruit. It’s making a big splash with fitness gurus and the average customer alike. The little pink mystery fruit is actually the fruit of a cactus species native to the Americas but it can be found served all over the world.

Places such as Playa Bowls in Belmar, NJ have capitalized on the growing trend by offering nearly 20 different combinations of pitaya, acai, coconut, or kale bowl and their lines are out the door. Beachgoers cannot get enough of the so-called Super Food which claims to offer such health benefits as regulating blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes and containing carotene which is said to help prevent cancer. 

The beautiful thing about these bowls is the endless combinations of ingredients that can be used to create wonderful new recipes. Check out our suggestions below!

Creating the Base…

The first step to any pitaya bowl is creating the pitaya base. The easiest way is to start with frozen pitaya chunks such as these and to blend them with your choice of almond or coconut milk, or your favorite fruit juice. Blend until the consistensy is a thick, creamy mixture or keep going and give yourself a pitaya smoothie instead.


Photo courtesty of Eating Bird Food


Next, Get Creative!

Now is when you can let your inner food-artist shine!

  • Try covering the bottom of your bowl with granola before you pour your pitaya mixture in. Mix in some chia or pomegranate seeds for added nutrition, fiber, and fullness
  • Fruits such as banana, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, and pineapple make for excelent toppings when sliced or chopped small
  • Top off your bowl with coconut flakes for a bit of crunch
  • If you’re feeling fancy, drizzle a chocolate hazelnut spread on top as a finishing touch


Photo courtesy of Keepin’ It Kind

Have a suggestion for a pitaya bowl recipe? Leave it in the comments below!


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