Manufacturer’s Spotlight: Vulcan

This past week we had the pleasure of hosting  4 Star Reps in our office as they educated us on some of the new equipment that Vulcan has to offer. Here we’ll be highlighting some of Vulcan’s state-of-the-art steam equipment.


Vulcan’s history can be traced back to 1865 and a foundry company in Louisville, Kentucky that manufactured cooking stoves and other products. That operation would later become part of the Hart Manufacturing Company. The Vulcan name first appeared in 1890 with the formation of the Vulcan Gas Heating Company. Through the early 20th century, both companies grew and continued to add product lines.

In 1949, Vulcan-Hart was formed when Hart Manufacturing Company acquired the Vulcan name and line of commercial products. The new company continued to expand its product lines, both through acquisitions and through research and development.Today, Vulcan is among the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial cooking equipment, with worldwide distribution of the broadest lines of gas and electric equipment.

Vulcan Convection Steamer (Electric) – Model No. C24EA3-DLX


Traditional boilerless steamers require less frequent water maintenance and de-scaling, but cook times tend to be significantly longer when compared to a la carte steamers. Conversely, traditional a la carte steamers cook quickly, but also consume a greater volume of water and energy.

However, Vulcan’s advancements in steamer technology are revolutionizing the a la carte steamer category. Traditional steamers use 55 gallons of water/hour. Vulcan’s new commercial food steamer offerings are reducing the amount of water used to as little as 4.29 gallons of water/hour. These new units reduce water usage by an incredible 90%, cutting an operator’s water bill significantly.

Compared to competitor’s models which make steam at a constant rate regardless of which part of the cooking cycle the menu items are in, Vulcan’s new units are also reducing an operator’s energy usage by 50% by making only the necessary amount of steam to cook the menu items. This combination of less water and less energy have resulted in ENERGY STAR® qualification for these units, enabling operators with the opportunity to qualify for utility rebates – resulting in additional savings.

Vulcan Convection Steamer (Gas) – Model No. C24GA10-BSC



Vulcan steam equipment offers high efficiency. It also requires no water connection for flexible installation anywhere. Manual controls with 60-minute timer, buzzer and constant steam feature, and a cook/ready light and power switch set these units apart along with a stainless steel exterior and steel cooking compartments with coved interior corners.


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