Is Your Restaurant Ready For Fall?

The season has finally changed and cooler days are upon us soon. Can you kitchen keep up? Here’s our list for some restaurant essentials for cooler months.



Crown Verity Patio Heater Antique Bronze – #CV-2650-AB

Outdoor Patio Heaters

The fall season is notorious for warm days and chilly nights but that’s no reason your customers can’t still sit outside! Keep your customers warm with these gorgeous patio heaters from Crown Verity, available in propane or electric.






Globe Chefmate Soup Kettle – Model No. CPSKB1


Soup Kettles

Nothing warms the soul on a cold day quite like a good soup. Whether butternut squash or good ol’ chicken noodle, keep your soups warm with this kettle from Globe.





Grindmaster-Cecilware Budget Cappuccino Dispenser – Model No. 2K-GB-L

Warm Drinks

Let’s face it. Nothing says fall like a pumpkin spice latte. Give you customers the warm drink they crave with any one of Grindmaster’s large line of espresso and cappuccino machines.


Cooktek Apogee Induction Range – Model No. #MC1800G

Induction Range

Perfect for reheating soups and sauces and sauteing vegetables. Space is tight in a kitchen and often a full-size range is out of the question. Expand your menu options by adding a countertop induction range.




Globe Countertop Planetary Mixer – Model No. SP5



Countertop Mixers

Colder months means pastries and cookies aren’t too far behind. Get yourself prepared with a countertop planetary mixer from Globe and start perfecting your snickerdoodle recipe!

Do you have a piece of kitchen equipment you can’t live without during the colder months? Leave us a message in the comments below.

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