How To Revive Fresh Salad Greens

It’s a familiar scene. We grocery shop with the best intentions and fill our fridges with fresh salad greens and bundles of kale and arugula. But before we know it a few days have passed and now we’ve got a fridge full of wilting bok choy.

Take a tip from your local grocer and bring those greens right back to life! It’s so easy, it’s almost too easy.


Before throwing out limping leaves, dip them in a bath of cold water for about 5 minutes. After that, gently towel dry them. You can serve them up or return them to the refrigerator where they should last a few more days. That’s it!

And just how does this work? When the exposed cut ends of the greens sit in your refrigerator, moisture in the leaves evaporates. Giving the greens a quick bath revives them and replenishes any lost moisture quickly. Tada!

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