Commercial Soup Kettles: A Buying Guide

Summer is coming to an end. As the leaves begin to turn, many restaurants begin adding soups back onto the menu. In this quick guide we’ll cover the three most important things you’ll want to consider before buying a soup kettle for that Butternut Squash Bisque.

What To Consider…


Since the inside is not made of food-grade materials, most commercial soup kettles are designed to be used with a commonly sized insert. These inserts usually come  in a 7-quart or 11-quart size but are available as large as 22 quarts. It’s important to know just how much


Atosa Model No. AT51588


Wet vs. Dry Heat

Many commercial soup kettles come with both wet and dry heat capabilities. However, some kettles come with only one option or the other. Dry heat soup kettles feature an encased heating element which heats the insert which warms the liquid. Wet heat soup kettles use boiling water to heat the insert. While dry kettles are certainly easier to clean, wet kettles offer better heating overall. Combination units give the user the luxury of using either heat source.


Atosa Model No. AT51388


Temperature Controls

Most commercial soup kettles feature an adjustable thermostatic control on the front of the unit so that the operator may adjust the temperature to suit the food inside. Whether simply warming soups, sauces or gravies or actually cooking them, interior thermostats allow better control over the end product.

APW Wyott Model No. WK-1V PKG

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