Drink To Your Health – How Hot Beverages Provide Health Benefits

Colder fall months conjure up images of scarves, falling leaves, and a warm drink. But did you know that hot cuppa’ joe could have some nice health benefits too?

Hot Chocolate

The health benefits don’t so much apply to its packaged and powered counterpart, but homemade hot chocolate has a surprising number of health benefits. Red wine has long been touted for its high levels of antioxidants, but it turns out that the antioxidant concentration in hot chocolate was almost twice as strong. While they may not be the miracle cure that the internet makes them out to be, antioxidants still  have been shown to help with eye health and have cancer-preventing properties according to Harvard. Not only that, but the polyphenols in chocolate can reduce the risk of heart disease too.


Apple Cider

This warm treat carries more calories than coffee or tea but isn’t without its health benefits as well. The apples provide a fair helping of Vitamin C, Potassium and Iron but be careful how much sugar is in each serving. Pectin, which is found in the skin of apples, helps with digestion also.



The health benefits of coffee are wide-ranging. While hot chocolate may be high in antioxidants, coffee is by far the highest. Coffee is also great for the liver, especially if you drink. Having one cup of coffee a day has been shown to reduce the chances of cirrhosis of the liver by 20%. It also reduces the risk of diabetes and merely smelling coffee is proven to have relaxing effects on the mind. We’re beginning to wonder if there’s anything coffee can’t do!



The health benefits of tea are so many that we could write an entire blog post of its own. Whether you choose green tea for antioxidants (there they are again!) or black tea for its cancer-preventing properties, tea is a wonder drink in itself. It’s also great for your smile. Tea helps regulate the pH level of tea to help prevent cavities and it does not erode tooth enamel. How perfect!


Have a warm beverage you’d like us to talk about? Leave it in the comments below!

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