Asbury Agile Conference – October 7, 2016

This past Friday, October 7th, Restaurant Equipment Club attended the Asbury Agile Conference in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Asbury Agile is a friendly and informal conference for web and technology professionals held annually in Asbury Park, NJ. This year’s conference was held in The Asbury; a  beautiful new hotel a mere block from the boardwalk.

Presenters Kevin Fricovsky and Bret Morgan opened the conference by preparing the audience for the day’s events.
Gad Berger,  Senior Software Engineer II at spoke extensively about the use of microsystems and how they streamline the workflow.
Jonnie Hallman (Founder of Cushion),  Lisa Luo (Mobile Engineer at Kickstarter), and Cap Watkins (VP of Design at Buzzfeed) were all featured speakers.
John Henry of Cofound Harlem & AREA during his inspiring talk, “How to Go From Doorman to Entrepreneur and VC in 4 Years”

All photos courtesy of Mike Forgie and Asbury Agile

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