Manufacturer’s Spotlight: Citrocasa

Citrocasa Juicers came to visit us in our New Jersey offices yesterday and brought with them one of our favorite products! (We’ll admit we’re biased, but we just really like orange juice!)


Featured in stores such a Whole Foods, the taste delivered from a fresh squeezed Citrocasa orange cannot be beaten. Not bitter, just perfectly and naturally sweet.

About Citrocasa

Technic-Marketing Products GmbH, or TMP GmbH, an Austrian company, developed the Citrocasa line of machine to meet the very high demands of the German and Austrian grocery, hotel, food service, and restaurant segments. TMP has been involved in the citrus juicing industry for decades and markets oranges and packaging in addition to high-quality juicing equipment. Citrocasa juicers have a prominent place on the European market.

What makes Citrocasa juice so good?

Citrocasa juicers use an industry-unique dynamic blade system (SCS or Soft Cut System) to cut the fruit, which dramatically reduces the bitter peel oil in the juice versus fixed blade systems. This gives us measurably better, smoother, and sweeter-tasting juice.

What kind of juices can you make with a Citrocasa juicer?

Citrocasa machines are designed for citrus fruit only. However, you can do a lot more than oranges! For the Fantastic juicers we offer two different pressing kits and for the 8000 juicers we have three different pressing kits, allowing you to juice a variety of citrus fruit: limes, lemons, tangerines, oranges, grapefruit.

For more information about Citrocasa juicers, visit their FAQ page here.


Click here to browse our full selection of Citrocasa juicers!

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