Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Foodies

While store bought costumes such as superheroes, movie icons, and rock stars may be the most popular, there’s something to be said for a good ol’ DIY. Your friends are used to your Instagrammed brunch dishes and Snapchatted dessert plates. So why not show the world your love of food through this Halloween?  Not only are these costumes easy to make and adorable, you can also be sure there’s a good chance no one else at the party will be wearing the same thing.


Pretty Pineapple


This one is almost too easy! Kelly of Studio DIY shows her readers how to make this perfect last minute costume with just some green poster board, a paper towel tube, and a headband! Throw on a yellow dress and you’re done!

Beautiful Bubble Tea (Boba) 


If you love boba (bubble tea) as much as we do, you’ll love this perfect excuse to carry it around all night. Sam of AwwSam shows readers how easy it is to glue on some pom-poms to a dress you already have, create the straw headpiece, and you’re set!

Silly Salt and Pepper Shakers


We can’t get over how cute these little guys are! Siblings, twins, or best friends can pull off this adorable shaker set costumer with hardly any effort at all. Pick up this ensemble from TheWishingElephant or make your own with a onesie and a sharpie. Plus, adults can create their own version too with a simple t-shirt and gray chef’s hat! Bon appetit!

Perfect Pizza


You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love pizza, and with this costume you can show the world just how big of a fan you are too! Using either large water frisbees, hula hoops wrapped in cloth, or wreath bases,  you too can make a costume so cute you’ll want to take a bite out of it!

Cheerful Chipotle Meal


This costume might not come with a side of guac’, but you’ll be the crowd favorite in this taco-bowl-to-go get-up! Plus, if you show your costume to Chipotle employees, you might just even get a free meal like Shelby of PrettyInThePines did!

Show up your favorite foodie costumes in the comments below!


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