Fungi Storing Made Easy

Mushrooms have become quite a staple in the culinary world. Given that organic and natural products have been the current trend, many restaurant owners are taking it upon themselves to hunt for their own fungi. But once you get your hands on these delectable veggies, how do you store them?

Here are some considerations:

1.) Temperature

The USDA states that mushrooms can be stored for seven to nine days, with a temperature range of 32 to 34º F. If they are held any warmer than this, their lifespan will decrease by at least three days due to increased browning, veil opening, or elongation of stems.

2.) Humidity

Maintaining high humidity is also an important factor. Mushrooms should be kept in cartons with an overwrap of polyethylene film to reduce any moisture loss. But be careful; You want to simultaneously avoid a watery build-up of condensation inside these packages.

3.) Flavor Transfer

Mushrooms can absorb odors and flavors from other foods, which is why they are a hot commodity in the foodservice industry. This holds true more so when cooking in a skillet, as opposed to storing the fungi in a walk-in cooler. Because of this, you should not store mushrooms with onions and/or shallots. The odors are quite pungent and conflicting, resulting in cross-scent absorption.

4.) Gas

Accelerated ripening can occur if gas, such as ethylene, is present. Ethylene is a natural hormone released by fresh produce. This is common in walk-in boxes. When exposed to this gas, mushroom caps will brown. As a result, you should not store mushrooms with ethylene-producing vegetables and fruits like avocados, tomatoes, and apples.


Follow these tips to keep your ‘funguy’ alive.


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