Responsive. Knowledgeable. Friendly. The REC Way.

We’re no strangers to the fact that there are dozens of companies that do what we do. But what exactly separates us from them? Well, here’s a small insight…

We are not your traditional e-commerce company.

Before the days that the internet reigned supreme, Restaurant Equipment Club began as a humble foodservice design company; DLFS Design. No matter how big or small the job was, DLFS Design was there to design, specify, and equip the entirety of the project. Every client was given the royal treatment, from free, concept planning consultation, to custom fabrication tailored to your exact needs. One day, DLFS Design decided to take a risk and leap into the growing industry of e-commerce. Ever since then, we have not looked back.

Due to the high volume of orders that were now coming in, we reached a point where it was either DLFS or REC, and based on the direction consumers with a basic internet connection were taking, REC won the fight.

But of course, we still do foodservice design! We provide a full-service solution to any of your needs. You can check out our design division here.

We are a family owned company.

This may not seem important to a lot of consumers, but to us, it makes a world of difference. We have dealt with big corporations in the past, and as a matter of fact, we are a part of one. But as the main office, internal affairs are taken care of by our tight-knit REC family. That, and the fact our president and office manager have been happily married since before the formation of DLFS Design. And that is definitely a better love story than Twilight.

What, is that joke too old? Sorry.

We stay with you from the second you visit the site, to way after you have purchased.

And we’re not exaggerating! As soon as you visit our website, you are greeted by a live, REAL representative waiting to quote you immediately on anything and everything you want!

Well, we would normally show you, but then we couldn’t shamelessly plug ourselves on our own post, now could we? You’ll just have to visit our site and see for yourself!

And when you click that checkout button, we will get in contact with you shortly after to confirm your information. From there, we will get better acquainted! We like to think our ability to connect on a personal level separates us from our competitors…or robots, rather.

Eh, they’re not bad people. If they ARE, in fact, people…

Follow-ups are very important to us, as they not only provide insight into your current business position, but also help us make sure you are still 100% satisfied with your equipment. Plus, we’re not mind readers, so if you decide last minute that you would like a countertop fryer to go with that new griddle, then we will know! And hey, any excuse to talk to our customers again we will use.


This was totally my hand. And it totally hurt.



We could keep the list going, but the one thing we can’t stress enough:

We are Responsive, Knowledgeable, and Friendly.

At the end of the day, we will provide you with the best foodservice experience possible. But if you still can’t take our word for it, simply browse our site and see for yourself!

And hey, for reading this whole post, here’s a discount code for you!

 Use code ‘CLUBCASH’ at checkout for $25 off your order!

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