How To Sharpen A Knife Without A Sharpener

There are ways to sharpen your knife without a steel, stone, or a commercial knife sharpener.

I know you’re going to read that and be skeptical.

And I don’t blame you!

Even if you are a well-prepared chef or food enthusiast, chances are you’ll likely be stuck in a situation where a worn knife is your only option. As time goes on, knives become dull. That’s just the facts.

And even if you splurge on that Victorinox 24-Piece Gourmet Knife Set with a hard case (which we conveniently carry), you will find yourself running into the same issue down the line. Nothing is made perfect, you know.

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Except for this Victorinox 24-Piece Gourmet Knife Set with a hard case. Just look at it.

But fret not. I will teach you a little trick to help you in a pinch!

Go into the cabinet that you, your family, a friend, or a business, keep cups and mugs. Find a basic, ceramic coffee mug.

Yes, we’re being serious.

Just a ceramic coffee mug with an unglazed bottom will do.

Simply place your knife’s blade to the edge of the mug’s bottom at a 20-degree angle. Then, rub from the heel to the point on one side. Then repeat on the opposite side of the blade at the same angle. The ceramic surface will sharpen your knife and save you precious time. This technique is effective on all knives, regardless of shape and size. Except maybe a machete. Because that would just be silly. And dangerous.

Easy, right? Give it a shot!


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