Tips On Keeping Your Bar Tap List Trendy

With a recent spike in beer brewing and craft connoisseurs, the beer industry has been going through a renaissance. It’s not as simple as “Give me whatever’s cheapest on tap!” anymore; People want options. Palates have expanded, and tastes have changed. Bar owners these days now have the challenge of providing an abundance of beverage options to their consumers. Chances are, your bar’s tap list hasn’t been updated in a while. Leaving this list unchanged could lead to lack of interest and a drop in sales, so here are a few tips on how to keep your bar’s tap list trendy:

Knowing Your Demographic

Your very first move should be to think. Think about who frequents your bar the most; Is it a hip, young crowd of millennials? Or perhaps the baby boomers? Maybe a mix? This is the perfect starting point on upgrading your tap list. You want your options to reflect your key demographic. It’s also important to consider the establishment type you run. Do you own a bar that prides itself on having variety? Then an extensive craft beer list will be your best bet. Or perhaps you operate a Mexican themed restaurant? Then Corona, Dos Equis, and other Cerveza options should be plentiful.

Current Trends

Staying current and trendy isn’t always the simplest, especially when you’ve worked hard to make a name for yourself. You’re probably set in your ways, and your brand is how people associate your establishment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try new things! Technology has made a significant impact on how we drink beer. You heard me right! Beer enthusiasts use social media to engage with other beer lovers, sharing their newly found craft beers and where they found them. If you happen to be the bar that starts to serve a unique beer choice, people will notice. You have the potential to market yourself for free, creating a buzz around new products and a modern atmosphere. So make sure you stay current on social media and research what’s new in the wonderful world of beer.


No matter how many taps you use at your establishment, make sure to have a variety of options. Don’t stick with just light beers or dark porters, offer unique choices. Every customer is different, and your beer list should be accommodating. Food also plays a big role in this, as certain beers pair better with specific foods. Pales Ales and Lagers pair well with burgers, while brown ales tend to pair better with steak.

Time Of Year

It’s important to include seasonal options on your tap list. For example, once Summer time hits, light and fruit flavoured beers should be an option. Make an effort to have at least one seasonal beer on your list.

Keep It Local

A plethora of craft beers are regional, so make sure to have a few beers that are indigenous to your area. It’s important to support small businesses as well, so offer beers from your local breweries. Having access to new and creative beers will set you apart from the competition. Not only that, but those breweries will then, in turn, support your business. And you can even mark up the price on a unique beer if you are one of the only places to serve it!

It’s important to have a vast knowledge of beers to supply your customers with the absolute best experience. Not only that but knowing what type of bar equipment you need and tap system configurations are just as, if not more important. If you’re in the market for some new bar equipment, such as refrigeration and tap systems, then please feel free to browse our vast stock of bar equipment here. If you have an idea for a bar or restaurant, but not sure where to start, receive a free consultation by using our contact form here. If you have any other questions, want to pick our brains for knowledge, or just wanna say hi, please feel free to give us a call at 855-601-1824.

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