Sonic Chewable Ice: The Crunchy Craze


Sonic Drive-Thru is a wonderfully charming restaurant chain which combines quick-service and fast, casual dining for the ultimate fast-food experience. Carhops on roller skates deliver your order in a timely manner, and always seem to have a big smile on their face while doing it. Between burgers, hot dogs, french fries, and milkshakes, Sonic has established quite a reputation for itself. But it’s not the delicious food products that captivates people; it’s the ice.


In all its icy glory.


You heard me right! The chewable ice that Sonic provides in its vast line of drinks and slushies keeps people coming back.┬áNugget ice is an often overlooked form of frozen water. Most foodservice establishments provide cubed ice, as this has been the industry standard for quite some time. But there’s just something so appealing about ice in nugget form. It definitely has to do with its crunch factor. Cubed ice is simply too large to chew, and sometimes the best part of your remaining beverage is chewing on the ice for that last, little taste.

The combination of air and frozen water couldn’t be more than perfect. To achieve this perfect balance, you need a nugget ice maker. Water flows through a metallic cylinder, constantly being cooled by its refrigeration system. Since the water is so cold, small sheets of ice begin to form on its side. The interior walls of this tube are scraped, removing the sheets and pushing them towards the auger. Finally, the ice flakes that are formed get pushed through a small tube, creating a single piece of ice. An extruder tip at the end of the tube breaks the ice into nearly symmetrical pieces. Those pieces are referred to as “nuggets”, hence the term nugget ice.

So how can you get your hands on this nugget ice? Glad you asked! We deal closely with manufacturers to provide exclusive discounts on commercial nugget ice makers. To see our selection of nugget ice machines, click here.

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