5 Simple Summer Snacks For Travel

We’re all busy bees in this fabulous thing we call “life”. And the summertime finds us wanting to jam pack our schedules with not only work and other obligations, but fun activities and adventurous trips as well.

Which leaves the question; “How prepared are you?”

Due to constant running around and the temperature increase during this season, you’re going to want an energy boost that’s quick, convenient, and delicious. Here are some healthy snacks you can grab-n-munch!

Cheese and Fruit

Slice up some cheese and grab some slices of your favorite fruit, and you’re good to go. And since fruit comes sliced and prepackaged these days, it couldn’t be simpler!

Trail Mix

Making your own trail mix can be a unique experience every time! Just throw a couple handfuls of seeds, nuts, raisins, and everything but the kitchen sink into a bag, and enjoy on your next hiking trip!


Portable Smoothies

Smoothies are a simple and filling alternative to a mid-meal snack, and sometimes even a meal itself. Find your favorite fruits and veggies, blend away, and pour into a portable cup. Sip as you scale the land!


Homemade Granola Bars

I understand this option takes a little prep, but wake up early on a Saturday, bake some granola bars, stick them in the freezer, and take them with you when you go out on that next venture through the woods!

Crackers With Hummus

Stick with a healthy cracker brand or grain-free alternative, and dip it in hummus for a healthy mix of protein and fat. And if you’re feeling spontaneous, pack some guacamole with you!

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