Mobile Ordering For Your Restaurant

We all live busy lives. We are constantly running around and trying to plan our schedule 10 steps in advance while multitasking today’s responsibilities. And when you finally get a second to yourself, the last thing you want to worry about is first cooking dinner.

People want convenience. They crave it. Hey, I do as well. Nothing beats kickin’ back, turning on your favorite mindless reality show that’s bound to be canceled in the next two seasons, and enjoying a nice dinner from that new Mediterranian bistro you’ve been dying to try out. But you don’t really want to go out and pick up the food. And I don’t blame you. Why not just pick up the phone? Maybe you just don’t feel like interacting over the phone either. So how else can you get what you want?

Enter Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering has changed the way we live. More and more restaurants and businesses are rolling out their own mobile apps to enhance the ordering process. With a few taps on our smartphone, we will be well on our way to acquiring delicious sustenance. In addition to limiting confrontation, mobile apps for food ordering offer an abundance of benefits:

Benefits Of Mobile Ordering (Customer)

  • No need to wait on line anymore
  • You won’t be put on hold for an extended period of time
  • Ordering ahead of time can provide serious¬†convenience when you’re swamped with work
  • All menu items are available to view with the push of a button
  • You can track your order history and re-order favorites (on most apps)
  • Reward points can be viewed as well

But it doesn’t just benefit the customer. It benefits the restaurant as well!

Benefits Of Mobile Ordering (Restaurant)

  • Increase order frequency per hour
  • More money is typically spent when ordering online, as the full menu is available with no pressure
  • The accuracy of the order is close to perfect, as the order is specified down to the littlest details
  • If a rewards program is implemented, it will give customers a sense of accomplishment working towards those points, ending in greater sales

Now, having your own app can definitely cost you a pretty penny. A fully functional ordering app for your restaurant can start as high as $3,000 just for the basics. Granted, you can probably get this done a bit cheaper, but a big thing to consider is having it updated on a consistent basis, hence the higher price point estimation. You want your customers to feel that this is a convenient, modernized approach, so if you’re going to give it a shot, make sure you allocate the proper amount of money to keep it running smoothly.

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