Natural Water With Natura Water

Water. We need it. There’s no getting around that. And water isn’t created pure. It needs to be properly filtered and undergo purification in order to be consumable. With so many water purification methods these days, how do you know which is best?

Enter Natura® Water

When Natura® Water was trying to find a way to properly purify water, they decided to develop their system in Italy. Water in Italy is considered to be essential (which it is), and almost treated like Wine, so naturally, this was a great starting point…but they totally enjoy their wine a bit more. Fun fact: They will even pair their water with their food and wine.

Wine And Water
Wine is pretty much the best thing ever.

About Natura® Water

Natura® Water utilizes modern technology to eliminate any toxins or bacteria found in impure water. These chemical impurities include lead, arsenic, and mercury. Chlorine is extracted as well, which is responsible for that distinct taste and smell you notice with tap water. The best part is that this process of purification keeps the healthy minerals, such as calcium and zinc, intact. Conventional methods typically eliminate these minerals and don’t kill off a significant percentage of harmful chemicals like Natura’s method does. Natura® Water Dispensers can dispense either chilled water or sparkling water. So even if you’re not a huge water person, you can still indulge with a bubbly change of pace.

Sparkling Water
Love them bubbles.

So What Does This Cost?

Glad you asked! Natura® Water units will provide a fresh new take on water with a gourmet flare starting at $3,600. The basic model, the AQUARIUS 1.35-2 TAPS Chilled Water Dispenser, includes two taps and can hold up to 35 liters of chilled water at a time. And we are one of the only online sellers of these fine dispensers! You can browse Natura® Water products here.


“Water The Way Nature Intended…The Natura® Way”™

Natural Water

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