10 Reasons You Should Be Drinique-ing This Summer

Our preferred plastic drinkware is in stock for immediate delivery. But if that’s not enough, here are a few more reasons why you should choose Drinique over any other plastic drinkware on the market today:

  1. Drinique products are BPA-free, meaning they’re safe for the environment and don’t leak toxic chemicals into your cocktail during happy hour. As if that was something we had to clarify…

    BPA Toxic Chemical

  2. Drinique is made from Tritan co-polyester (a.k.a. not your average plastic), meaning it’s guaranteed not to crack, craze or cloud in the dishwasher. Ever. Yes, we’re serious.
  3. Drinique products LOOK like glass, but they’re not. All products have the clarity of crystal, but are poolside safe and rooftop friendly.
  4. Drinique comes in opaque WHITE. The WhiteOut collection is available for purchase on REC in four unique shapes! Some say it looks just like porcelain. Request a sample and find out for yourself!

    Monkey Board Drinique
  5. Drinique tumblers, shots and rocks glasses are STACKABLE! Perfect for saving space behind the bar.
  6. Drinique products are safe for serving cold AND hot drinks.
  7. Their products have pour lines which helps your bartender immensely.
  8. Drinique products are designed with a textured surface at the bottom of the glass to help the washing/drying cycle.
  9. Did you know Drinique also makes custom metal carriers for bottle and shot service? Well, they do and they’re very cool.
  10. Drinique has its own hashtag, #DRINIQUEING. If you use it on social media while using Drinique products this summer, you might win something…be sure to tag @restaurantequipmentclub, @mtuckerco, and @driniqueusa to qualify!

    Drinique Instagram
    You could be a lucky winner!

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