Cleaning A Commercial Deep Fryer

If you own commercial restaurant equipment, you know that upkeep and maintenance are vital in sustaining its lifespan. Keeping your restaurant equipment in proper working order will save you time and some serious money in the long run. But we probably didn’t need to tell you that.

Why Fry?

Let’s face it; We all love fried food. Sure, it’s not exactly healthy for you, but it’s nice to indulge once in a while. Whether it’s a nice plate of french fries to complement your burger, a few pieces of fried chicken, or an appetizer of mozzarella sticks to fill you up, fried foods are simply too delicious to ignore. They can liven up a sports event, or be a nice start to a great night out. Either way, we are certainly fans of the stuff.

A commercial fryer can be a wonderful piece of restaurant equipment. But it’s fairly easy for your unit to become gunked up with oil and your heating element to get dirty. Removing this grime is very important to get your fryer to run 100% efficiently. Here’s a guide on cleaning your commercial fryer:

How To Properly Clean Your Fryer

  1. Unplug your commercial fryer. Let the stagnant oil cool to at least 150°F. Take out fryer baskets and place in a sink.
  2. Pour the fryer oil back into its original container. Scoop out sediment build-up and/or any crumbs using a large, slotted spoon. Toss contents into a waste basket.
  3. Begin scraping walls of the fryer with a metal spatula, loosening any remaining deposits. Wipe these deposits using a damp paper towel or cloth.
  4. For countertop fryers: Place into a large sink and fill with hot water. For larger fryers: Fill up the fryer using buckets of hot water. Add 1 tbsp. of dish soap to the water.
  5. Take a dishrag and scrub the fryer down. Make sure to scrub those corners so that the remaining oil can be loosened up. Dump water and fill with more hot water. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the fresh water. Wipe the fryer’s interior with a cloth. Empty this water and fill it one more time for a final rinse.
  6. Take a lint-free cloth and dry the fryer entirely. Wipe the fryer’s heating element clean with a slightly damp rag. Dry it with new, clean cloth.
  7. Spray the counter in front of the fryer with a degreaser. Let it sit on the surface for 10-15 minutes. Wipe the cleaner with a damp cloth. Afterward, dry off with a new cloth.
  8. Wash the fryer baskets you placed to the side with 1 tbsp. of dish soap placed in hot water. Rinse and dry completely. Return baskets to the fryer.

And that’s it! Not too difficult, right? Follow these steps, and your fryer will be frying like a champ for a longer amount of time! A few more things to consider:

  • Never move hot oil. Make sure it’s completely cooled off before you handle.
  • Do not overfill your fryers with food or oil.
  • If a grease fire happens to break out, suffocate it immediately with a lid.

If you have any more questions/concerns regarding restaurant equipment care and safety, please feel free to give us a call at (855) 601-1824 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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