Manufacturer’s Spotlight: Pacojet

We’ve all been there; You have deeply frozen food products that you want to turn into delicious sauces and sorbets, but you don’t have the time to let these foods thaw. So how can you do it quickly and efficiently? Enter Pacojet.

About Pacojet

About Pacojet

The Pacojet innovation was initially created by a Swiss Architect, Wilhelm Maurer, in the early 1980s. William imagined a remarkable procedure while living in Brazil to make the ultimate ice cream machine. In 1988, William sold his protected innovation to a financial specialist named Gregor Staub. After time, cash, and some genuine advancement, the Pacojet framework was propelled in 1992. Pacojet machines can micro-puree frozen foods into sauces, mousses, and sorbets, with no defrosting required. Gourmet specialists can use Pacojet innovation to make flavorful dishes and delightful pastries for any occasion.

Pacojet Products

Pacojet Products

Pacojet food processing units come in a variety of packages. While each package does contain slightly different contents, there is not a huge difference between the machines themselves. The most basic unit, the Pacojet 1 System, includes 1 Pacojet 1 machine, 1 Pacotizing blade, 1 spray guard, 2 1-liter beakers with lids, 1 outer protective beaker, 1 chrome spatula, 1 use instruction book, 1 recipe book and 1 cleaning kit. Everything you need to start properly pacotizing!

Pacojet 1 System
The Pacojet 1 SYSTEM comes with everything to get you pacotizing in no time. Get it here!

Why Pacojet?

The pacotizing process is unlike anything you’ve witnessed. Pacojet machines micro-puree frozen foods into a smooth texture by using added air pressure to its mixing process. Nice, airy textures bring that extra fluff to your food products, while their true aromas and colors are brought out, providing you with a true, tastetacular experience. From Coconut Curry Soup to White Chocolate Mousse, the possibilities are endless!

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Interested? Of course you are. Check out Pacojet products on our website!

If you would like more information on Pacojet products, pleace visit the official Pacojet website. To see the Pacojet in action, and for educational content on the proper use and maintenance of these products, visit their YouTube channel.

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