Accommodating Vegans At Your Restaurant


Whether it’s because of ethical reasons or dietary restrictions, veganism is becoming a much more embraced lifestyle choice these days, especially among millennials. In the simplest terms, veganism is the avoidance of food and material products made from animals. With a majority of restaurants providing a wide selection of beef, chicken, and pork products, it can be difficult for vegans to eat a decent portion of listed entrees. This is not to say these restaurants don’t provide animal-free alternatives, but the contrast is clear. And seeing as how Millennials serve as one of the top generations that go out to eat so frequently, you should consider accommodating vegans at your restaurant. Here are some quick tips to go about doing this!

Vegan-Friendly Options

  • Start by ordering vegan-friendly ingredients. These include tofu, soy products, portobello mushrooms, and vegetable protein. Experiment with complementary seasonings and sauces.
  • Equip yourself properly. Preparing vegan food requires a slightly different form of food preparation. Get your hands on the right commercial food prep equipment. We recommend charbroilers, food processors, and juicers to get you started.
  • Host a trial period to create/test out vegan dishes that encompass your restaurant’s theme. Make sure these entrees supplement your other menu items well. For example, If you serve burgers, try introducing a black bean burger or portobello burger as alternates.
  • Make sure to clearly identify your vegan products on the menu so that not only the customers are aware, but your servers and chefs know as well. This way, your customers won’t have to pick apart meals or go hungry looking for a vegan-friendly solution.
  • Try and change your menu up depending on the season. Because of the variety of fresh produce needed for vegan dishes, providing specific options all year around will not only be expensive but certain fruits and vegetables could be past their peak season.

One thing to keep in mind; Whenever you see a group of patrons going out to eat, there could be one individual who is vegan. By not providing vegan-friendly options, you are unfortunately going to lose potential business. Modify your menu a little to include vegan cuisine. Your restaurant will greatly benefit from it!

2 thoughts

  1. Love this! Even providing just one vegan option that isn’t a salad or fries can make someone’s day, speaking from experience.


    1. Thank you! And for sure! All restaurants should be offering a variety of options. It’s a common misconception that veganism means you strictly eat salads and greens, and it’s time for people to understand it’s about much more than that.


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