Vulcan’s New FastBatch™ Braising Pan Technology

Introducing Vulcan’s New FastBatch™ Braising Pan Technology  

Vulcan FastBatch Technology

It’s every enterprising, bottom line-conscious restaurant owner’s dream: For food to cook faster without sacrificing the end result. That dream is now a reality thanks to Vulcan. Here’s a closer look at the game-changing VE Series electric braising pan featuring FastBatch™ heating technology, the embodiment of the innovation with which the Vulcan name has long been synonymous.

Heat Faster, Serve Sooner

Steaming Food

Imagine if your kitchen staff could reduce boil times during the lunch rush or on a busy Saturday night. That’s exactly what you get with Vulcan’s VE Series electric braising pans featuring FastBatch™ heating technology.

How does it work, exactly? By increasing the efficiency of heat transfer between elements and the cooking plate, thereby reducing boil times by up to 20 percent. Which begs the question: What do you have to sacrifice in order to save time? With Vulcan, the answer is an emphatic “nothing,” thanks to a multitude of mindful design features aimed at promoting both productivity and consummate food quality every time.

The Intersection of Productivity and Performance

Restaurant Kitchen Performance

Consider the VE Series’ retractable receivable pan support, which secures pans during pan-up, but conveniently folds down when not in use. The outcome? Restaurant kitchens save money in the form of reduced spillage and waste while improving the safe handling of hot food items. No longer need it? Simply tuck it out of the way until next time.

And while sticking food is a common problem with many braising pans, the VE Series featuring FastBatch™ heating technology helps eliminate the issue thanks to a professional, even-heating, scratch-resistant cooking surface. Embossed gallon and liter markings add to the VE Series’ practicality by delivering clear capacity measurement for batch-after-batch consistency.

Your staff, meanwhile, will appreciate convenience-forward features, starting with the sealed lift mechanism and recessed hinges, which conserve floor space, facilitate tilting and lifting with ease, and make cleaning a snap. Additionally, self-locking covers with stay-cool handles improve venting control and operation to help prevent burns in the kitchen. Also guaranteed to be a staff pleaser? The VE Series’ pitcher pour front with an oversized lip and removable strainer, which smoothly directs the flow of liquids and solid contents for easy transfer with minimal mess.

With Vulcan’s FastBatch™ heating technology — now standard on all Vulcan 30- and 40-gallon electric braising pans — your most responsive and productive restaurant kitchen is waiting. What’s not waiting, however? Diners, thanks to the accelerated ticket-to-table times offered by Vulcan’s V Series commercial braising pans featuring FastBatch™ heating technology.

About Vulcan

Vulcan Restaurant Equipment Logo

Vulcan, a division of ITW Food Equipment Group LLC, is a leading manufacturer of commercial cooking equipment in the U.S. with a broad line of products including ranges, convection and combi ovens, fryers, griddles, charbroilers, steamers, braising pans, kettles and heated holding cabinets.  Vulcan sells both to the foodservice and food retail end-user segments, including chain and independent restaurants, hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, K-12 schools, colleges/universities, hotels, casinos, recreation, corrections, and grocery stores.

If you’re interested in this new FastBatch™ technology, click here to browse our stock of Vulcan braising pans.

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